Monday, September 16, 2013

Christmas Crackers Advert - Nerlich Catalogue, 1939

These crackers were shown in the Nerlich Catalogue in 1939.
I would think this was the end of the really wonderful crackers. Although they do still have a remnant of elegance about them, the contents clearly show the beginning of mass production with ads emphasizing the 'look' rather than the 'content' of the crackers. So.. it was about HERE when the problems began! :)

If you look in the right hand column of this blog you will see some pages listed. One of them is for posting the annual Elf-Food Prep recipes which I will be adding soon. Feel free to share the recipes and give them a try!  The first ones will my favourite autumn muffins.

Cheers Everyone
from your Chief Cracker Elf,

Giant Paper Christmas cracker from Nerlich Catalogue 1939

Christmas cracker advert from Nerlich Catalogue 1939

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