Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Popcorn and Cranberry Christmas Tree Garland Kits

DIY Popcorn and Cranberry Christmas Tree Garland Kit

This morning I whipped up a popcorn garland to test the bits and pieces that I have gathered for our Popcorn & Cranberry DIY Garland Kits.  Everything tests well though I am thinking of using thinner twine and slightly smaller needles so they pass more easily through the popcorn. I also want to include a second needle so that two people can work together - each from the opposite end or... the twine could be cut in half.   These were even more fun to make than I thought they would be and I just can't wait for you to try them out!

At the moment it looks as if the kits will contain the following:

20 feet of twine
2 needles
25 or more little puff balls or other dear small bits of festive colour
1 pkg of microwavable popcorn
1 small packet of dried cranberries
1 little packet of kleenex ( to wipe sticky fingers! )

1 Garland Kit is included FREE (wow!)
with each order of 5 or more Christmas Eve Crackers
or they can be purchased separately for $4.50 per kit.

Idea:  When you write your Christmas cards this year for mailing, how about finding a brown envelope, addressing it as you would the card, then drop in both the kit and the card.  What a fun & inexpensive way to say "Merry Christmas!"

This is the first year for the kits - they will be very limited.
As the business doesn't make a profit on these, I can't afford to have the other elves make them up for me... so, there will only be available however many kits I can make up in one work day.  ORDER EARLY!!
Now... look down below a couple of pictures to see who visited me today
while I sat on the porch threading popcorn ...

Popcorn and cranberry Christmas tree garland

DIY popcorn & cranberry garland kit

Wild turkeys

Just never know who is going to turn up at the workshop

as I sat making crackers for you out on the garden porch who appeared? Yes, WILD TURKEYS! These guys walked within a couple of feet of where I was sitting but by the time I grabbed a camera, they were already off and running looking for lunch further along... so, no closeup portraits this time but I will keep an eye out for you!

 wild turkeys

Cheers Everyone
from your Chief Cracker Elf,

PS:  It's looking like beans again for dinner tonight at the Workshop!
The bees and the humming birds LOVE these scarlet runner bean vines.
This week the vines have been producing about 1 pound of beans every day.

scarlet runner beans

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