Saturday, August 24, 2013

GillianCrackers can now be sent to the United Kingdom, Channel Islands and Isle of Man

Christmas cracker wooden toy airplane - GillianCrackers

SO MANY folks from overseas have requested our holiday crackers in recent years and I am really pleased to say that one of our designs - the Family Classics Cracker - is available for order - until September 15th. It comes (for as long as they last!) in 12 different paper designs and is filled with all the great treats - activity packs, paper hat, quality chocolate, peppermint puff, Christmas decoration.  EXTRA:  For every order of 5 crackers, we include one free copy of our Waiting for Christmas booklet.

You can find out more HERE

And visit the crackers available HERE on our Family Classics Page.

NOTE:  For folks on the Isle of Man, and the Jersey and Guernsey Islands you can order too!  Please use the UK order button...

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