Saturday, August 17, 2013

Christmas In Greenland

I am continuing to work tonight on the Activity Sheets for our Peace Christmas Crackers. The variety of world-wide Christmas customs is quiet amazing and I am heartened that so many of the older ones, steeped in tradition and time, are continuing to be preserved in one form or another despite modern times.

Women readers will appreciate this holiday custom from Greenland which I found recently:  "It is traditional on Christmas night that the men look after the women, serving their food and coffee and stirring the meal for them!"  I think this could quickly catch on in N. America.  What do you think?!

Another tradition in Greenland is the widespread use of bright orange stars in the windows of homes at Christmas. How beautiful and welcoming!

typical Greenlandic yellow Christmas star that can be seen
in the windows of all houses in Greenland during December

Photo by:  
Ole G. Jensen
Cheers Everyone!
from your Chief Cracker Elf,

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