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Batger & Co, Christmas Cracker Mfr, 1748

Batger & Co Christmas Crackers

Batger & Co Christmas Cracker Manufacturer

In recalling the history of the Christmas cracker, most people are familiar with the name of "Tom Smith" but many other large, creative businesses were involved in the design and manufacture of this Victorian treat - some of them located in Germany and elsewhere in Europe.

One British company named Batger and Co. sold a wide variety of crackers in highly decorated boxes (as did Tom Smith). Batger and Co. began shop in 1748 at f 566 Cable Street, London, E1. In 1947 they advertised their 75 years of experience in producing "Harlequin" style crackers.

The company's main factory at 566 Cable Street produced jams, bakery sundries and confectionary; best known products being 'Chinese Figs', 'Silmos Lollies', 'Jersey Caramels', and 'John Peel marmalade'. Their second factory manufactured 'Harlequin Christmas Crackers', and all forms of cake decorations for the bakery industry.  as well all manner of cake decorations. Their factory had its own wharf and shipped their raw materials along the Thames River. 

Both factories were badly damaged during air raids on the London Docks during the Second World War so eventually new premises were found at Clapham.


Batger & Co Christmas Crackers

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